05-07-2009 the BIG tree

Texas’ largest tree is found on the Lamar Peninsula of Aransas County in the Goose Island State Park. The tree has allegedly been a hanging tree, a pirate’s rendezvous, and even a ceremonial site for the cannibalistic Karankawa Indians.
bigtreeA few corrections to the comment I added to Jim’s photoblog yesterday… The tree is
ONLY ONE THOUSAND years old. And it was measured in 1966 to be 35 feet around at the base. Also, most importantly, this is NOT my photo. please see the fantastic original… Goose Island Oak

I intend to make the drive very soon to get my own personal images of this incredible organism, but while the subject is relatively fresh, I wanted to share this ASAP. Thanks for viewing!


~ by myVelleity on May 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “05-07-2009 the BIG tree”

  1. amazing tree, you’ll need a wider lens to fully frame it 🙂
    great lights

  2. this pic is great for a frame, really cool focus……..

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