05-12-2009 father of the Hill Country

schreinersignTexas Ranger & Confederate soldier, in 1869 Charles Schreiner moved to town and opened a merchantile company and private bank inside a small lumber store shed, therefore creating the Charles Schreiner Co. country store. By 1919, the annual sales of the country store were $600,000. Downstairs tenents included a U.S. Post Office and the C. C. Butt Grocery Store, which would later become H-E-B. By the 1900s Charles Schreiner Co. owned 600,000 acres which stretched from Kerrville to Menard, over 80 miles. Schreiner’s busines helped make Kerrville the mohair center of the world and a major exporter of cedar posts. His story is a compelling account of the impact one man can have on on an entire region…
Vol. XLVIII October, 1944 No. 2


~ by myVelleity on May 12, 2009.

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  1. great selective focus, love how that sign looks blurred

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