05-14-2009 DANGER down below

I find it interesting, how a chain of events unfold…tubes
I had just received my extension tubes which had come all the way from Hong Kong. (Why is Airmail so S L O W? It makes me wonder if the method of delivery isn’t hot air ballon.) So, I tear open my new little package, grab my trusty Nikkormat and with no idea how to use these small metal cylinders, head out to take some photos. The first thing I spy are the tiny flowers on the native Chickweed which profusely covers the ground, (some folk consider this weed their lawn). The flowers are only 5mm across, which seems sufficiently diminuitive to practice on… (next page)


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~ by myVelleity on May 14, 2009.

One Response to “05-14-2009 DANGER down below”

  1. lovely little flower, nice bw shot

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