05-20-2009 mobile home


snail2We got some MUCH NEEDED rain the other evening. As I stood outside reveling in the downpour, I noticed this little hermaphrodite who appeared to be ready for a closeup. During the process I learned a bit about Einsteins theory… Speed is relative to the viewer. Watching a snail as we zoom along in our bipedal environment, a snails pace is VERY slow indeed, but once you get down to it’s scale (I used extension tube #3 and a +5 diopter) it is difficult to keep this little Speed Racer in the field of view long enough to achieve minute focus!
I am rather pleased with the results… and what appears to be film grain is actually the reverse of a 12×12 inch mirror. It turned out to add an interesting quality.

Consider The Snail
Where he goes he leaves a trail.
When he goes where he shouldn’t be,
His trail is there for all to see.

Our life is like the little snail,
Where we go we leave a trail.
The things we do and the things we say,
Are the trail we leave from day to day.
R. Wayne Edwards



~ by myVelleity on May 20, 2009.

One Response to “05-20-2009 mobile home”

  1. love the bw tones in this one

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