05-31-2009 the hydrant

For the first week of this month, I was posting photos that had water as the subject. I had intended that today’s photo be posted on the 7th, but the “BIG TREE” interrupted my schedule. The idea occured to me after re-visiting Main Plaza in front of the County Courthouse. After much inconvenience dealing with detours, and untold tax dollars had gone toward the plaza remodel, the fountains have been turned off and covered over due to water restrictions. It seems to me that whoever was in charge of designing the makeover, would have taken into account that San Antonio was founded in a semi-arid desert. Which is what got me to thinking about the superstructure that our civilization has put into place, all based on the presumption that water is readily available.
As you view todays photo, consider this… what if at the moment you needed it most, there was nothing available?
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~ by myVelleity on May 31, 2009.

3 Responses to “05-31-2009 the hydrant”

  1. I can remember when it was unlawful to paint these and they all had to be red. Glad they lightened up on that:-)

  2. Right…we should conserve water as much as possible!

  3. this picture looks familiar….your pictures are amazing! (martha,HEB photo lab)

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