06-10-2009 i’m a tripod owner!

tripod owner

Well, I finally invested in a tripod and cable release. I hope to see some significant improvement in my close up’s from now on. This was my first shot using it, (taken just outside the store). It was really nice to frame the shot, preset the focus, and wait for my friendly pollenator to arrive. I am impressed already. Usually, I have so little time to focus, check exposure, framing… etc, this was SO much easier… and it’s in focus!



~ by myVelleity on June 10, 2009.

4 Responses to “06-10-2009 i’m a tripod owner!”

  1. A fine close up. I’m sure you enjoy using your new tripod and cable release. Fine shot with this visiting fellow.

  2. Very nice picture.

  3. A good shot. I like the colours and the line of the flowers with focus on the bee. Fine work. I hope you will enjoy taking pictures with your tripod!

  4. congrats. i seem to shoot more often with a tripod than not. 🙂

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