06-21-2009 infirm deterrent

Driving down I-10 East, we spied an old bridge and took the next exit…


“What does that mean?” my lovely wife, (who is a notorious fence jumper) said jokingly. “That doesn’t apply to you…” I responded, while tying Sprocket to the rail. As we made our way onto the bridge ramp, ducking and dodging tree limbs growing down and tree limbs coming UP through the perilously decaying planked surface… we discovered a REAL inhindrance to the bridge structure just beyond… Poison Ivy, lots & LOTS of Poison Ivy, growing lush, robust and visibly oily, almost thigh high. “STOP! GO BACK!” I hollered, waving my arms enthusiastically, hoping she would take me seriously. “They don’t want us up here…”
we made a hasty retreat. 😦
Moral: NO TRESPASSING means nothing. If you want to keep someone out, make a sign that reads…





~ by myVelleity on June 21, 2009.

5 Responses to “06-21-2009 infirm deterrent”

  1. I love signs! And you are right, no trespassing just encourage you to explore the place!

  2. A great story to relate and photo to accompany it! I like your version of “how to keep people out.” A fun and quality post.

  3. TOO FUNNY! All I need to know is that there’s poison ivy lurking..and I’m out-a-there!!! Love the colors in these images.

  4. I’m extremely allergic to poison ivy to the point of total debilitation,
    and I still can’t identify it.

  5. heh, heh. 🙂

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