06-24-2009 film or digital?



~ by myVelleity on June 24, 2009.

6 Responses to “06-24-2009 film or digital?”

  1. Creative shots. In this case I like the first one. The soft focus and the subject! But I say digital. I could write a long story about the thoughts when the newspaper I worked for decided to stop using film… I also read the other day that Kodak will retire kodachrome Film after 74 years.
    What do you think? Do you like your digital Nikon?

    • I’ve done the math, and it seems that it has already paid for itself in the money i’ve saved on film & processing. I shoot more freely now, i’m liberated…
      So, I ‘ve got to get something now that will allow me to use my lenses.
      Yes, I’m undecided… 😀
      Thanks for the teriffic comments ya’ll!

  2. A fine duo of pictures that speak to the changes in our entertainment sources. I too like the soft look of the first photo. The second one is a testament to the abrupt change in how we rent movies.

  3. nice, I particularly like the top one.

  4. Perfect juxtaposition. The last drive-in theatre around here closed a few years ago. We have to drive a few towns over to find one.

  5. This new way of renting DVD’s has really done away with the need for people. We had a friend who lost their store a couple of years ago. Neat captures.

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