06-26-2009 going postal no.5




~ by myVelleity on June 26, 2009.

5 Responses to “06-26-2009 going postal no.5”

  1. Another old pump together with a mailbox! Interesting.
    Is this a common use of old pumps?
    In Sweden people like to use old wooden wheels…

    • No it’s not common at all… Which is why when i come across one i’m quick to grab the camera.
      Lately, i’ve been LOOKing for interesting mailboxes. There aren’t so many as I originally thought.
      These old pumps are expensive too, I priced one from the manufacturer starting around $900 dollars. Alot of money to be sitting out by the curb!

  2. A fine pump shot. I like how they’ve placed it as part of their mailbox set up. Nice shot.

  3. What a gorgeous old mail box and pump. Love the color and light.

  4. love the color composition with the red spots

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