07-03-2009 the outhouse



~ by myVelleity on July 3, 2009.

8 Responses to “07-03-2009 the outhouse”

  1. Great captures! I really like your composition on both. That fence is interesting. Never seen that type before. And the broken door makes me curios to see what’s behind.

    • Something you Poo in….. 😀

      • 🙂 sometimes it’s fun how you see things when you are from a different country (and don’t know the american signification of the word outhouse). In Sweden the outhouses has a typical heart on the door. And this one look exactly like the shed my father has his garden tools in 🙂
        I still like the pictures!

      • I think the design has alot to do with simplicity. four walls and a slanted room to keep the rain out.
        Traditionally, similar to your “typical” heart, there are half moons cut into the door. A half moon is lacking on this one, but there are two diamond shapes on the sides for cross ventilation.

  2. Wonderful textures and tones. Great find!!!

  3. I like the unique style of the fence. The outhouse is a great subject. Don’t you wonder why the door is off. Nice composition too.

    • I should think the door is removed in order to keep someone from actually using it….
      Thanks Don!

  4. LOL I haven’t been in one of those since we sold our cottage up north, about 20 years ago. Terrific shots. Great lines.

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