07-04-2009 Vera’s Discovery

Upon learning that a lovely old building was vacant, Veronica’s knack for trespassing brought her to the rear. .. where she discovered this Smokehaus built in 1887. I found some history on it here…the Fabra SmokeHaus

Neat as THAT was, this is what I got a kick out of! It was nesting by the door…

If i could return, i would DEFINITELY get a close up of her tail feathers. There are beautiful colors and patterns there that i didn’t realize until the photo’s were displayed on my HD monitor. .. note to self: SEE the WHOLE picture! Pixels are FREE!



~ by myVelleity on July 4, 2009.

4 Responses to “07-04-2009 Vera’s Discovery”

  1. A fine series and this venerable old smoke house. And, a great series on this “discovered” treasure taking for you to take pictures. What a neat find! Very nice shooting.

  2. Beautiful old smoke house! And a fine discovery by the door. Great series. Like the first on the nest. She looks so proud.

  3. a beautiful discovery!

  4. What a bonus! Hope you go back and get some of the ducklings.

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