07-07-09 I-35 underpass

For many people, the RiverWalk means noisy nightlife, people-watching and Tex-Mex food. With the RiverWalk Improvements Project now complete, we have a new set of images to be evoked. Those of the 11 outdoor contemporary art projects along our new extension from downtown, one and a half miles north to the San Antonio Musuem of Art. This permanent installation is unique in that the fish, which are constructed of fiberglass, appear to be “swimming” through the air.

This species of sunfish is known only to the San Antonio river… (not to scale!) 😀

Below is the San Antonio Museum of Art, viewed from the other side of I-35 (more on SAMA later). I liked the backlit nature this gave the suspended fish… and if you noticed the small gathering of people along the bend in the river, in the first photo above….

…this is what that are waiting to see. A smallish colony of (about 30,000) Mexican Freetailed bats, who have taken up residence between the North & Southbound lanes of the interstate. Everynight around dusk they emerge to forage on the insects that pester us so much. This emergence is well worth the trip alone!

So as not to confuse the bats, the fish are not turned on and illuminated from within, until after they have emerged for their nightly feeding frenzy. This is REALLY neat because it completes the “swimming” effect!



~ by myVelleity on July 7, 2009.

6 Responses to “07-07-09 I-35 underpass”

  1. Like the picture with the bats. A great silhouette. Also the picture whith the three illuminated sunfish that seems to fly.
    Nice series.

    • Thanks! I would like to have used a flash… (but you’re not supposed to do that.) 🙂

  2. An amazing series of this fabulous development in San Antonio. Very interesting to see the bats emerge. Fine shooting.

  3. Looks like a very cool place to spend some time. Nice series.

  4. love the night version with the illuminated fishes

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