08-01-2009 empty nest

One morning while taking Sprocket for his walk, I encountered something very extraordinary. Possesing very sharp eyes Sprocket began to bark at something ahead of us (that in and of itself is extarordinary, he rarely barks at anyhing) but what peeked his interest was a row of bushes. At first, I didn’t notice anything unusual… but then a squirrel emerged, and then another, and another, and then two at a time, and so on. All told there must have been at least a dozen or so squirrels congregating in this one bush. Now, I wish I had video of this because it was truly amazing to see all these squirrel’s coming out of one particular place, it reminded me of circus clowns unpacking themselves from the itty bitty car. So now, I need to investigate just what IS going on in there! I push aside the branches and discover this…

a nest. Since it is along our usual path, I checked on it daily hoping to see some new life. After many many days I found nothing… evidently the parent of these eggs had forsaken the nest and or had come to a bad end, which engaged my imagination and brought me to the conclusion that perhaps the squirrels had called a meeting to discuss what was to be done about the orphans. Unwilling to abandon my sequence of photos, this is what I came up with…

I promptly removed the Beanie, and have just found that the contents of the nest were scavenged by other birds. 😦



~ by myVelleity on August 1, 2009.

4 Responses to “08-01-2009 empty nest”

  1. what a sad story…

  2. An engaging story, well told, with pictures to add to the interest. Unfortunately there was no Hollywood ending.

  3. Lovely story but a very sad ending 😦

  4. Beautiful shot of the bird nest. I can’t wait to see what else you have done! Love ya! “Aunt” Becky

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