08-26-2009 San Fernando Cathedral

The above photo is a sculpture of San Antonio de Padua, for whom the city of San Antonio is named.

View an eyewitness account to the fall of our Texian Heros… FRANCISCO ANTONIO RUIZ

View… SFC History



~ by myVelleity on August 26, 2009.

4 Responses to “08-26-2009 San Fernando Cathedral”

  1. What a fine and interesting series of pictures. Fine documents of the place and wonderfully artistic shots too. Very well done.

    • Thank You Don, for the compliment….
      I may return once more to get some photos of many fabulously carved stone sculptures. This is an astoundingly beautiful old cathedral and encourage all to come see it first hand.

  2. Such a wonderful place and so many beautiful details. Very nice and interesting series. Great work.

  3. Scott, I love all these pictures you took of SFC. San Antonio has a lot of history and magnificent places to visit. Good job on this one..

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