09-04-2009 an hour in the park




~ by myVelleity on September 4, 2009.

6 Responses to “09-04-2009 an hour in the park”

  1. So many beautiful things in the park (and scary)!
    Love nr4. Elegant shot. The dof, colours, light, composition and the background. Perfect!

    • Thanks Pernilla! 😀
      Yes, there is alot of beautiful things to photograph. I took Sprocket for an outing before i had to be at work,
      and exposed the few remaining frames on a roll of film.
      It was a nice day, but still… so HOT!

      • To tell you the truth I didn’t look very close to your spider… They just scare me a lot. The only reason why I capture them myself is to get over the fear. See them through the lens and “flatten” them into my pictures has a magic effect so they can’t scare me anymore. Others pictures hasn’t gone through that magic process and I they just give me that creepy feeling
        I do admire you for getting so close it’s a really cool macro. It’s just to big. Was it really in your shoe!?
        The reason for using the 200 mm is a lacy repairman. I don’t have my macro and I miss it a lot 😦
        Another truth about the spiders… I do find them in the shower too 😦

  2. A fine, diverse series. The bland tones of the first images gives this a very attractive look. The creature close ups are always a favorite of mine… especially the spider.
    Nice series.

  3. Ok, that spider one needs to go. Love the leaf, I have a few like that.

  4. beautiful shots

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