09-22-2009 Froggie & Bruce



~ by myVelleity on September 22, 2009.

7 Responses to “09-22-2009 Froggie & Bruce”

  1. I love this fat and sassy frog. He makes an excellent subject for your series of fine shots.

    • My Wife found this fellow, and fat he is!
      While trying to adjust the shutter speed, I spied a generous Cricket heading His direction and before I could get the film advanced, out shot that infamous tongue.
      My lovely Wife saw the whole thing and let out an elongated… “EEEEeeeWWW!!”
      Unfortunately, I’ll have to take a raincheck on that exposure.
      Thanks Don, I appreciate you visits!

  2. Who is Bruce ? ha ha .. I thought it is all the same frog .
    Incredible clear and sharp shots you got !!! They looks great !

  3. The last one looks like he just told a bad joke.

  4. Lovely fat frog! Great series. He looks so funny in the last picture. Like he wants to tell us something 🙂
    Very well done.

  5. It looks like it posed for you:-)

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