09-24-2009 shave & a haircut

The modern barber pole originated in the days when bloodletting was one of the principal duties of the Barber. The two spiral ribbons painted around the pole represent two long bandages. One to be twisted around the arm before bleeding, and the other used to bind the arm afterward. When not in use, the pole with bandages wound around it (so that both might be together when needed) was hung at the door as a sign for business. At some point in time, a clever individual thought that instead of hanging out the original pole, another could be painted in imitation of it, and given a permanent place on the outside of the shop. This was the beginning of the modern barber pole.



~ by myVelleity on September 24, 2009.

7 Responses to “09-24-2009 shave & a haircut”

  1. Ah, a beautiful barber pole! We don’t have many of these around my town. I like the colors and the quick recognition is gives – no quesiiton what the business is!

    • Indeed! I’ve seen a few in small towns, but this is the best… the wall behind is what attracted my attention.
      Thanks Don!

  2. great color in this. very nice.

  3. Perfect!! Love the simplicity..the color..the blurr.
    I somehow want to finish the title off with ‘two bits’!!!

    • I thought of that too…
      but factor inflation and it would be more in the neighbor hood of NINETY-two bits! 😀
      Thanks Marcie!

  4. Beautiful shapes and colours. I also like the blue wall behind. I don’t think I’ve seen one of these before.

  5. That’s one place I stopped needing to visit a long time ago.

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