10-14-2009 storm damage

The other morning on Sprocket’s walk, we came across this sad circumstance. Not quite sure if if it was caused by lightning or the wind. I looked for some sign of charring as is customary with a bolt strike, but could not detect any… so it most likely was caused by the wind. A tragic ending for this lovely oak, for they chose to remove it…



~ by myVelleity on October 14, 2009.

4 Responses to “10-14-2009 storm damage”

  1. Looks like quite a storm. Nice documentation.

  2. Great set of pictures. I like the last one . Excellent abstract !!!

  3. A sad state of affairs. It’s interesting that it broke rather than be uprooted. I don’t know of the root structure of oaks. Fine series.

  4. Mother nature is very powerful. Even if it’s a sad end for the tree the last picture makes a really nice abstract. Love the colours and forms.

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