10-25-2009 LMSNA: West Trail Loop

The West Trail Loop is a 2.5 mile excursion from the Main trail. It leads upwards to the top of a ridge where there are a few primitive campsites available. In my opinion, it was a bit of a disapointment. The photo above is the ONLY view to be had, and believe me I looked ernestly! I would like to see the Park Service remove the scrub brush/trees in a few locations which obscures the scenery, it would make a Hiker’s time and effort worthwhile.
This image is a good example of the weather conditions we experienced during most of the day it took to traverse the length of the West Trail. It was very overcast, with intermittent showers… mostly drizzle. It kept us cool, but the drawback was we were wet too. The overcast sky and shadow down within the valley, also made for long exposure times… resulting in some blurred portions of my images due to the wind. 😦

In conclusion, with the weather conditions and the lack of panoramic scenes, it allowed me to focus my attention closer to the ground. I got some interesting images of rock formations and some water features one is likely to encounter along the way.
Stay tuned for the photo essay (almost done), it’s turning out pretty neat! 😀
And Thanks to everyone for all your teriffic comments….



~ by myVelleity on October 25, 2009.

3 Responses to “10-25-2009 LMSNA: West Trail Loop”

  1. I like the layers in this capture. To bad they don’t let people see the scenery. Looking forward to see your photo essay 🙂

  2. Your landscape shows the diverse weather quite well. I like the deep color and the limited visibility in the intermediate areas. The gradations in the distance work very well. Interesting comment on your hike.

  3. wonderful mood and color in this result. nice.

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