11-04-2009 Goliad County Courthouse


THE HANGING TREE, Site for court sessions at various times from 1846 to 1870.
Capital sentences called for by the courts were carried out immediately, by means of a rope and a convenient limb.
Hangings not called for by the regular courts occurred here during the 1857 “Cart War”, a series of attacks made by Texas Freighters against Mexican drivers along the Indianola- Goliad- San Antonio road. About 70 men were killed, some of them on this tree before the war was halted by Texas Rangers.



~ by myVelleity on November 4, 2009.

4 Responses to “11-04-2009 Goliad County Courthouse”

  1. Such a beautiful building! I like the last picture. It looks so majestic. Very nice colours and light.

  2. now that’s a different sort of courthouse. cool.

  3. I really enjoy your courthouse series. They’re always well done.

  4. very nice series, i like that you have closeups and also grand total shots to introduce the building

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