07-10-2010 San Pedro Springs Park

“Here the Aboriginal Indian will be seen nevermore, but the mute testimony of his former presence is often found in the shape of his rude and crude pottery, frequently unearthed about the springs where his campfires burned and his spears and arrows yet may be picked up at its base where he hurled them against the old building still standing on the brow of the hill overlooking the sparkling waters. It was through the loopholes of this building, still to be seen standing there, that its defenders fired upon the cruel Comanche and the still more barbarous Apache. The arrows, spears and pottery are mute evidences of the departed Indian, while the loopholes of this low squat structure scarred and fractured by the missiles striking there, testify to the valor of the successful defenders and the edifice itself is a monument to courageous heroes who contended there. Although their names have never been written on the pages of history, their bravery was as valiant as any that chivalry may boast.”

Barnes, Charles Merritt. Combats and Conquests of Immortal Heroes Sung in Song and Told in Story. San Antonio: Guessaz and Ferlet Company, 1910.

“Fortunately, for San Antonio and posterity, this old stone fort located at San Pedro Springs, is to be preserved. It is probably the oldest complete structure in Texas. From all indications it seems to have been built between 1690 and 1716. From an old print it appears to have been the southwest corner of a stockade. The stockade which was built of cedar posts, was burned by the Indians, leaving the fort standing.”

Gideon, Samuel E. “Preservation of Early Architectural Specimens” American Statesman 31 Jan. 1932



~ by myVelleity on July 10, 2010.

One Response to “07-10-2010 San Pedro Springs Park”

  1. Black and White true beauty the scene is amazing looks like the old historical sites in the virgin islands, St. Croix

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