10-13-2010 INVASION!

Numero dias dos, of my “West Texas Adventure”. I have always liked this set of images. When I received the film back from the lab, I became undeniably hooked on macro photography. I hope you enjoy them too… originally posted on May 29, 2009.

without warningThe rain came on very unexpectedly.
It was as if the sky just opened up and gave everything it had been holding back for months.
The next morning while walking Sprocket, I discovered this very odd vine. It immediately reminded me of Dean Koontz’s novel the Taking. For those familiar with this incredible story, the following images will make sense. If you’re not a Dean Koontz fan, the story begins with a rain that lasts for days, over the ENTIRE planet. But it is more than it seems, for the rain has been seeded by some unknown omni-presence. This seeding results in very unearthly, grotesque plant life that produce some very unsavory and apparently evil creatures that reside in the shadows.
Things only get worse from there…

frightful transformation

threatening creeper

frightful flower

dont go to sleep


its begun

reproductive system


~ by myVelleity on October 13, 2010.

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