01-05-2010 Mission Reach

In an effort to control flooding in San Antonio during the 1950’s, the Army Corp of Engineers straightened an otherwise writhing San Antonio River. What had once been a natural and vibrant ecosystem, was in one fell swoop of a dredger turned into an almost sterile drainage ditch that resembled nothing of its former self. As a result of the change, the San Antonio River south of downtown had lost its bounty of plant and animal life. Now however, we have turned a corner and seen the folly of what had taken place. It is understood that the river plays a vital role in our community… and we’re changing it back. The Mission Reach Project will provide a variety of habitats such as embayments, pools,and riffles back to the river, alongside an impressive schedule of landscaping. These repairs will in turn foster a healthy environment drawing back the wildlife and citizens to this long neglected asset. Mission Reach will extend from Downtown San Antonio southward, beyond the historic spanish missions which were founded alongside the San Antonio River, providing bike and pedestrian paths complete with facilities and picnic areas along it’s route. In a few years time, this Project will undoubtedly prove to be well worth the effort and expense. Ladies and Gentleman… Phase One IS OPEN!
And I, am really looking forward to documenting the revitalization.


~ by myVelleity on January 5, 2011.

One Response to “01-05-2010 Mission Reach”

  1. A fine shot and interesting statement about this reclaiming effort. I would like to see the end result. I haven’t been to San Antonio in several years.

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