02-19-2011 Pavilion of Gwangju

Pavilion Of Gwangju, Denman Estate, San Antonio, Texas.

Designed to facilitate business and cultural friendships between Gwangju and San Antonio, the pavilion reflects the traditional Korean methods of construction. There are no nails, and the only bolts are to secure the foundation where it sits next to the pond. The red pine used to build the pavilion was harvested in Canada, then milled in Korea before shipping here to San Antonio. The Pavilion was constructed by Nam Kwan Construction in Gwangju, and painstakingly assembled on site at Denman Estate Park over the summer of 2010. All construction materials were imported from Korea including the granite and stone used in the base, and traditional Korean roof tile made with yellow clay. The pavilion was hand-painted using a centuries-old coloring technique used on wooden buildings and artifacts called Dancheong, which uses symbolic patterns and colors.


~ by myVelleity on February 19, 2011.

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