05-30-2011 Big Pasture

Lyndon B. Johnson -Heritage Homestead, Johnson City, Texas

June 8, 1931, Monday
“Summer vacation has started, and fourteen cows to milk. Mama says I must take entire charge of the Big Pasture this summer. Grover and Ted keep cattle there, too, and have always helped with fence repair and checking cattle. Ted is not well enough and Grover too busy. Dr. Depuy told Dad last week that Ted will never be any better. He has not been strong since the flu epidemic of 1918, which apparently affected his heart. The whole family was so upset over Uncle Will’s death in the epidemic that no one realized how sick Ted was.
It is so dry the fields are all ready brown, and Dad can’t seed flax in the ground he has prepared for it. We are hauling water to the garden. Today Bud and I managed to get some hay in. Hay is scarce this year.”

~Ann Marie Low, Dust Bowl Diary, (1984)


~ by myVelleity on May 30, 2011.

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