06-02-2011 Frio River, Texas

Frio River, Texas
The river, up to the ankles,
invites our feet to test its depth and learn
through the skin of our soles
how water chisels limestone,
knickling it, leaving the long print of fluid
all along the stream bed. We discover

what it might be like to walk on water,
and how the stone supports the flow
composing its own fluid music, a naked sound
around us as we wade, a lilt that lightens the heart.
Together, sun and stone and water write
their rippling continuo between the hills.
Sometimes the lens of water, like an eye,
deepens to a blue profundity, the way
music needs no words, being
its own language. Its own measure.

Luci Shaw, “Frio River, Texas”


~ by myVelleity on June 2, 2011.

One Response to “06-02-2011 Frio River, Texas”

  1. that’s a lovely nature scene.

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