06-04-2011 River of Life

(Veronica, 24w-3d) River Crossing Camping Area, Frio River, Garner SP, Concan, Texas

River of Life

One. Just one at a time.
Drip by drip begins this song.
First one drop and then the other.
Searching for its feet to stumble along.

Meandering across unknown ground
Shaky, crawling, eating up earth.
Falling, bouncing, rolling over
Joys untold, from a stream at birth.

Dashing its way across the land
Learning, feeling, seeking, tasting
Little pearls of wisdom and vice
Reflected through the dark and lighting

Bouncing across rocks unafraid,
Challenging every steep and climb.
Dying with every fall to live again,
Riding with the flow sublime.

Threading its way on lower plains,
Youth has shifted to slower gear.
Responsibility cloaked in maturity,
Drifting cautiously, slow, insecure.

Dying into the sea of the world,
Becoming one with earth and heaven.
No sacrifice, regrets, loss and tears,
For in giving of oneself, there is no end.
~Dann Thomas, River of Life, (2009)


~ by myVelleity on June 4, 2011.

One Response to “06-04-2011 River of Life

  1. Life is Good.

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