10-24-2011 Texas Madrone

I love black and white photography. There is nothing comparable to the tones and textures that can be achieved when it is done correctly. I recall setting up this image within a seasonal creek bed around noon, hardly able to see through the viewfinder due to the blinding conditions caused by the insanely white rock and overhead lighting. I am pleased with the composition as well as that i managed to get it in focus, but the separation of values leaves something to be desired. This may be due to the high values in the foreground, or perhaps that I didn’t employ the use of a filter. Unfortunately, I had but one shot at acquiring the image, and though I missed the bulls eye, I feel it was well placed on the target and have learned something in the process of trying.

f/16 | 1/250s | @86mm | Ilford 50 | Nikkor 35~105mm | Nikkormat EL

McKittrick Canyon, Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Salt Flats, Texas

Obviously, what isn’t visible in the above image, are the amazing colors of the scene. The Texas Madrone (Arbutus xalapensis) bearing ripe fruit (berries) is truly spectacular. The exposed smooth white skin of the trunk which gradually changes to a deep rust color on the younger limbs, contrasts beautifully with the vibrant green foliage further punctuated with vibrant red berries throughout.

f/5.6 | 1/125s | @60mm | ISO 200 | Nikkor 35~105mm | Nikkormat EL

Pinnacles Trail, Chisos Basin, Big Bend National Park, Texas


~ by myVelleity on October 24, 2011.

2 Responses to “10-24-2011 Texas Madrone”

  1. Love the selective focus on the second image. Also have to say that you have a adorable baby. My new grandson is one week old today and so sweet.

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