03-08-2012 Exposure #24

Mission San José y San Miguel de Aguayo, San Antonio, Texas
Kodak BW400Cn | Nikkor 35~105mm 1:3.5 @ 90mm | f/22 | 1/15 sec | Y48 + Polarizer

For those uninitiated in the effective use of filters in black & white photography, below is a comparison image with no filter applied. Note how the sunlit dome is almost without detail. While exposure #24 (filtered image) is a bit darker than I had envisioned… I expect that either an additional stop of exposure or even tweaking the Polarizer a bit more, would have lightened the southern face of the mission and allowed a bit more detail in those shadowed areas.

Kodak BW400Cn | Nikkor 35~105mm 1:3.5 @ 90mm | f/16 | 1/125 sec |


~ by myVelleity on March 8, 2012.

One Response to “03-08-2012 Exposure #24”

  1. Great processing on this beautiful church.

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