05-13-2014 at the Zoo

05132014 Zoo_1

05132014 Zoo_2

05132014 Zoo_3

05132014 Zoo_4

05132014 Zoo_5

05132014 Zoo_6

05132014 Zoo_7

05132014 Zoo_8

05132014 Zoo_9

05132014 Zoo_10

05132014 Zoo_11

05132014 Zoo_12

05132014 Zoo_13

05132014 Zoo_14

05132014 Zoo_15

05132014 Zoo_16

05132014 Zoo_17

05132014 Zoo_18

~ by myVelleity on May 14, 2014.

3 Responses to “05-13-2014 at the Zoo”

  1. These images sure show both of their personalities shinning through the shots. Love the one with Milam on his toes reaching. That boy knows what he wants!

  2. Really nice pictures Scott!

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