07-30-2014 around the yard

Hello All, I have a small chunk-o-news to share. First off, I guess it is a tinge of a feeling of guilt, but I can’t really explain WHY I haven’t been posting as often as I used to do. But I can recall when WordPress was launching new features on a daily basis and it looks like they haven’t slowed down a bit. There is a little ballet of confusion dancing inside my head, as I attempt to recognize all of the many changes that have taken place on my dashboard! My actual motivation today is to acknowledge a few new Followers, Thanks Guys & Gals… it is encouraging to me that you liked something or other you saw here, enough to click that little link!

I’ve been photographing more often this last month. Reason No. 1, I am now processing my own C-41 color film, and I think the results are better than what I have been paying for all these years! It’s not just a cost issue anymore. Well, Yes it is… I’m saving $$$. I’ve been shooting strictly black & white for over a year now, so the change up should be refreshing to see.

I recently went on an adventure with the kiddos’ down Salado Creek bike trail, hoping to get some interesting images of bugs. Not a single thing presented itself, nothing! Disappointed, I came home fairly determined that I could do better in my own yard.

Reason #2 I have been shooting more is that I acquired a new camera. All of the images posted today were made using my beloved forty-four year old Nikkormat… but my recent purchase, jumps to the other end of the spectrum of Nikon products… an F100. A pro level camera, that is one of the last in the line of film cameras Nikon produced.

The following image is a tongue in cheek reference to Edward Westons image, I titled it Pepper No. 83.

And finally, this little guy while timid at first, became quite curious about what I was up to and came out to investigate. It seems he may have ran into a bit of trouble somewhere, for he is missing his right front leg and pedipalp. Thanks for viewing, and feel free to Comment below if you get a hankering to do so.


~ by myVelleity on July 30, 2014.

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  1. Nice!

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