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self imageHowdy and Welcome to!
My name is Scott and this is MY photoblog. Guess I’ve always had a creative streak. Well, perhaps it’s a bit wider than that… it’s more like an Interstate. Photography is simply a hobby of mine, that started when my children were first experiencing their surroundings, only it kinda stuck with me. I shoot film with a 42 year old Nikkormat EL. It’s a wonderful camera, and feels good in the hand. One of my first jobs was working in an offset lith print shop, learning to make the layouts, running the presses and the best part… developing the plates. I enjoyed using that old Besseler enlarger and watching the images emerge in the baths. I had a good friend who was a model photographer (who I would assist when I could) we’d stay up and work in his dark room all night… good times. My goal is to start buying bulk B&W and processing it myself. Should happen soon, stay tuned…

As for what I like to photograph, I would say natural things. Sometimes I wonder if people are fully aware of what they are drawn to. I look at my thumbnails, and see alot of trees and water as subjects. That isn’t intentional, it just happens. My biggest interest is in macro, things like bugs and flower parts. As my skills improve I hope to begin posting more “captures” in that field.

I would like to give Thanks to Jim T. for inspiring me to embark on this “photo-a-day” project. It is a challenge at times,  but it disciplines me to set time aside (away from work), that would otherwise most likely be spent in front of the television. I really enjoy sharing some of my photo’s with everyone, and reading your comments is a real bonus! Thanks for your visit and I hope that you’ll return soon!


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