07-10-2016 “You gotta go away, so you can come back”

07102016 Goat Hill_ws

So, it’s been right at two years now, since I’ve posted to this site. I’ve neglected it, really. The thing about it is, I’ve always meant to keep with it, but it’s a bit time consuming in an already hectic life. The children are growing, quickly. They’re already starting their second and third year in school, which is exciting for both them & Me.  I’ve grown somewhat as a photographer, acquired new tools and most importantly new skills. Documenting the kids lives has influenced what I point the camera at, not so much locations or objects anymore, it seems I am more interested in People now. I believe it to be a logical progression in subject matter. So, while I commit myself to at very least a weekly update to myVelleity, it will have a sister site, BellesnBeaux Portraiture, which is my attempt to derive some income from the world.

Thanks to all who visit, I’ve missed many of You these past years and hope to reconnect… and possibly even make some new friends along the way as well… 😀

Stay Strong,



~ by myVelleity on July 10, 2016.

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